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The Lightfeet Grip Support insoles are the perfect fit for your sports shoes – enhancing your traction and shock absorption to reduce your risk of injury during training and competition.

Designed for comfort, performance and control – they’re a fantastic option for athletes of all disciplines and skill levels.

Created by Australian Sports Podiatrists, these insoles help manage excess pronation of the foot on impact.

The moisture-wicking 2mm Speed foam top layer provides anti-bacterial, anti-odour protection to keep your feet moving in hygienic conditions.

It also improves energy return for a lively, springy feel to fly over the pavement.

- High grip design with traction top cover for a more controlled, stable feel in every stride
- Created by Australian Podiatrists
- Manages excessive pronation (rolling-in) of the foot on contact
- Softer, cushioned landings from shock absorbing foam
- Superior energy return from foam in the forefoot to energise your runs
- 2mm Speed foam top layer is sweat wicking, shock absorbing, breathable, anti-bacterial, anti-odour and delivers a personalised fit
- Supports fast lateral motion with mesh top cover for optimal grip
- Reduces risk of injury so your feet can do their thing
- Compression-set resistance allows the insoles to bounce back into shape, wear after wear