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The Waldner Table Tennis Bats are a top line of Bats dedicated to Jan-Ove Waldner, the legendary Donic player and many times World Champion

Chose a Level 800 Bat for sophisticated play of all techniques with spin and high speed

The ERGO (ergonomic) handle fits anatomically perfect in the hand, with the handle and bat feeling as one

The ABP allows an individual adjustment to the balance point of the Bat to suit individual styles of play
Head balanced: weight distribution towards the head of the Bat, offering more striking power for an attack style of play
Handle balanced: weight is distributed closer to the handle of the Bat, allowing more accurate shots and ball slicing for a control style of play
Simply turn, pull, and adjust

ITTF approved

Wood: Tactic (5T)
Handle: Concave
Rubber: Vari Slick
Sponge: 2.0mm

Speed 80 / Spin 80 / Control 60

Made by Donic Schildkrot