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You'll love the Blaze 2 from Cactus  - for kids, teens and adults. This health and fitness smart watch aims to keep you healthy and active, as it is packed with features.

You'll love the metallic finish on the case, and the soft comfortable TPU band. The full touch screen (like a smartphone) allows you to scroll left, or right, up or down, to reach the different interfaces and functions. And there's more - the Blaze 2 has a slimline finish and optimized power consumption - say goodbye to frequent charging! 

This model is IP67 water resistant and can be used when swimming. There are 5 sports modes and 5 screen options (just long press the screen to switch to another screen option) What more can you want?

The Blaze 2 connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and the FitCloudPro app.

With a battery life of 5 - 7 days, you can get more out of this watch than most other health & fitness smartwatches, as it measures heart rate, body temperature, blood pressure, blood oxygen and monitors your sleep. With push notifications from the paired smartphone, message storage, weather display, multiple alarms, vibration alerts and Find my Phone features, the Blaze 2 is a lifestyle accessory.

Keep active, smart, and fit with notifications, alerts and tech features unlike other activity trackers on the market at this price.

 Health Functions

  • Dynamic heart rate
  • Body temperature
  • Blood pressure
  • Blood oxygen
  • Sleep monitor
  • Hydration reminder
  • Sedentary reminder
  • Optional women's health setting

Fitness Functions

  • 5 sports modes
  • Daily steps goal 
  • Sports data, number of sports steps, sports mileage, calories burned, sports heart rate

Lifestyle Functions

  • Push notifications from smartphone
  • Message storage
  • Weather display
  • Control mobile phone camera
  • Stopwatch
  • Multiple alarms
  • Brightness adjustment
  • Vibration alerts
  • Find my Phone