Adrenalin 2P Thermal Zip Long Sleeve Rash Guard are some of the most comfortable, versatile and durable thermal tops on the market. The 2P material is stretchy, water-repellent and wicks moisture, water or sweat away from your skin thanks to its unique breathability. The ability to breathe makes 2P thermals retain less heat than rubbery neoprene wetsuit tops. Regardless of the application, the Adrenalin 2P Thermal Zip Long Sleeve Rash Guard is sure to keep you warm in the breeze and protected from the sun. Best of all: these thermal tops from Adrenalin are very competitively priced which makes them great value for money.


  • 2P Technical Polyfleece: a hydrophobic (repels water) material that dries in a flash because it can't hold water. This provides protection against wind chill where most rashies will actually make you colder because wind chill is 25x more effective on a wet surface
  • YKK #5 Zipper
  • 170% 4-Way Stretch: Adrenalin's 2P boasts significant levels of stretch and one touch of a 2P garment confirms that. 170% basically means that 1m of material can stretch to 1.7m without deformation - this level of stretch comfortably covers the entire range of human anatomy
  • Inner Fleece: a plush-inner lining completes the package by way of its supple feel against the skin but it's not just for comfort as it assists in wicking water away from your skin
  • 50+ UPF Rating: TGA compliant ultraviolet protection factor, blocks at least 98% of radiation
  • Flatlock Stitched Seams: as the name suggests, this seam is flat (and non-rashing) but the real glory lies in its unrivalled durability. 
  • Long Body: Extra length in the body helps keep your lower back covered during an inevitable 'ride up'