The new BENCHMARK for small Massage Guns.

  • Longest Battery Life (up to 15h)
  • Most Powerful (14.5 kg stall force)
  • Largest Frequency Range (1200 - 3200 rpm / 20 - 53.3 Hz) 
  • Quietest Operation
  • Smallest Size and Weight
  • Most Sturdy Built (Aerospace Aluminium)
  • 4 Attachments
  • Best Value In Category

With 4 massage levels, the FASCIA GUN can be the perfect tool to cover your requirements to keep your body healthy and performing at its best.

Release muscle and tissue tensions, increase circulation, activate and prepare your muscles and neural system before loading them up and recover efficiently afterwards.

The 4 different massage levels combined with 4 attachments included with the FASCIA GUN, provide you with an unmatched application range across activation, recovery and relaxation.

The FASCIA GUN has a max speed of 3200 RPM (53.3 Hz) for an intense massage experience, but uniquely the speed can also be dialled down to a very low 1200 RPM (20 Hz) which is crucial for true muscle relaxation and recovery.

Based on scientific findings that suggest a better tissue relaxation and recovery effect in lower vibration frequencies, we have emphasised on including the lower RPM levels as well as ensuring an intense effect in the high RPM settings.

Key Features:

  • Release tension and pain points in muscles and fascia, recover, activate, relax
  • Unique vibration speed range suitable for true muscle recovery, activation and also relaxation - 4 levels ranging from 1200 - 3200 RPM
  • 4 attachable massage heads for targeted and wider application
  • Rechargeable lithium-Ion battery with USB-C charging connection
  • Practical, robust and lightweight design (544g aerospace-grade aluminium chassis)
  • Battery: Up to 15 hours running time
  • 14.5 kg / 33.86 lbs Stalling Power
  • Quiet operation

4 Levels for Muscle Recovery & Activation

You can choose between 4 vibration levels:

1 & 2 - Levels one and two have been developed to operate below 30 Hz frequency to provide two settings for effective muscle recovery, pain point release and general relaxation.

3 & 4 - Levels three and four offer higher frequencies above 30 Hz which is used for muscle activation and training preparation.

Level 1 - Relax Mode - 20 Hz; 1200 rpm. (3-4 minutes per application area.)

The Relax Mode offers a very low-frequency vibration for effective relaxation and recovery during resting times or before going to sleep. For best effects, always apply low pressure during the application.

Level 2 - Post Exercise Mode 

28,3 Hz; 1700 rpm. (2-3 minutes per application area.)

The Post Exercise Mode is intended for post-training cool-down and muscle ache prevention purposes. The vibration speed in this mode helps to improve circulation and to desensitise painful areas within your muscles and tissue. This aids effective and fast recovery.

Level 3 - Pre Exercise Mode 

45Hz; 2700 rpm. (30 seconds - 2 minutes per application area.)

The Pre Exercise Mode is developed for preparation and activation before movement. The vibration speed in this mode enhances blood and fluid circulation for better tissue state and hydration leading to improved mobility & performance.

Level 4 - Pro Mode 

53.3Hz; 3200rpm.  (30 - 60 seconds per application area.)

The Pro Mode is intended for intense application only and we recommend it to be used with caution, especially if you are sensitive to pain. This high vibration mode can be beneficial for large muscle groups like quads and glutes and is also most suitable before training or competition.

Four attachments for a large variety of individual massage applications

Our FASCIA GUN comes with four interchangeable massage heads or attachments which offer a large variety of massage options for any specific application needs:

  1. SILICONE BALL: Suitable for massage applications across the entire body. The silicone ball is our favourite choice for the Relax Mode, it provides a nice grip on the skin for a gentle but effective massage of specific areas.
  2. SILICONE FORK: Suitable for applications in areas with parallel aligned muscle strings, like on both sides of the achilles tendon or the upper trapezius muscle.
  3. SILICONE TRIGGER: The ideal attachment for a targeted vibration massage application on trigger points. Supports the effective release of adhesions within the tissue and softens knots and tense muscle areas.
  4. METAL FLAT: Suitable for massage applications across the entire body. The sliding metal surface allows a smooth gliding on clothing as well as directly on the skin. For added comfort, this attachment can also be used in combination with massage oil.