Target your problem areas with the precision and convenience in the palm of your hand when you use the TriggerPoint Impact Percussion Gun. Utilising the principle of deep-tissue massage, the gun works to increase blood flow, remove lactic acid and increase the range of motion for the muscles you want to target. Its 4-speed design allows you to customise the intensity on sore or more sensitive areas or muscles that require maximum stimulation. Ideal for both pre-workout preparation and post-workout recovery, the Impact Percussion Gun features an angled handle balances weight providing greater comfort, control and accuracy of your massage. Powered by a brushless motor for minimal noise, and boasting 2+ hours of massage, the TriggerPoint Impact is an essential for every gym and training bag.


  • Provides deep-tissue massage increasing blood flow and muscle motion
  • Ideal for pre-workout muscle warm ups and post-workout recovery
  • 4 speed setting for optimal intensity and issue
  • Angled handle for improved grip, comfort and control
  • Quiet brushless motor for low-noise operation
  • Rechargeable battery 2+ hours of massage
  • Product dimensions 181mm x 267 mm x 53.2mm