Giannis drives the evolution of the game with his speed, power and control making him a danger in any position on the court. The Giannis Immortality embody the power of the Freak when he hits the NBA court. Cutouts in the midsole foam maximises responsiveness with a curved outsole delivering smooth, running shoe-like strides.

Power's contained and channelled by the midfoot strap and sculpted heel construction locking feet down. The outsole grips and accelerates with rubber, split by grooves wrapping up to the inner side of the front. This combination maximises traction during side-to-side steps so you can execute your best Euro step moves.


  • Giannis reps family across the Immortality with his mom, dad brothers and son, Liam's names on the outsole
  • Lightweight containment on the court comes from an engineered mesh upper
  • An internal band over the midfoot secures feet through side-to-side movements
  • Plush heel construction creates a secure harness to keep your foot secure and comfortable through every match
  • Sculpted heel design crafted for optimal cushioning when it strikes the court
  • Cutouts in the foam midsole maximises responsiveness underfoot
  • Curved sole from heel to toe delivers the smoothest strides
  • Partially splitting the outsole allows it to flex and grip when making big side to side steps