The Quad is our newest SmartWatch designed specifically for you to live your best life!  This all-day waterproof companion includes different sport activity modes such as running, treadmill and biking, and connects to your smartphone's GPS. Enjoy the up- to-5-day battery life with your personal notifications, watch face preferences and hydration reminders! If there was any time to get active - it’s now!

  • Perfect combination of fitness and fashion for ages 12 and up

  • Fitness activity tracker that looks like your everyday watch!

Functions and Features:

  • Tracks all activities - Records Steps, Distance, Calories Burned

  • Dynamic Heart Rate Monitor

  • Blood Pressure Monitor and Hydration Reminder

  • Multi-Sport Modes including Treadmill, Running and Tennis

  • GPS Connect and Find my Phone

  • Charging cord included

Smart features:

  • Vibration Notifications and Alerts

  • Music Control for Phone

  • Weather Forecast

  • Multiple watch faces

  • 3-5 day battery life

  • Set up to 5 alarms

  • GetFitPro App