2XU Men's MCS Football compression tights have been developed with a detailed understanding of the key muscles used for targeted support to help prevent injury and strain.

The Football MCS compression works to support the key zones impacted by running, shuffling, kicking, pivoting and twisting. MCS offers targeted support to help protect against strain and injury for greater power and endurance.

- MCS targeted hamstrings mapping prone to strain and injury during the acceleration and deceleration phases of running
- MCS targeted support to the abductor muscles to reduce the prevalence of inner thigh, groin and hip strain
- Calf and portion of the Achilles tendon MCS mapping to help reduce strain from pivoting, jumping and twisting
- Compression support to entire leg with powerful PWX Flex 70D to front panels and PWX Weight 105D to back panels
- Graduated compression for increased blood circulation for faster warm up pre-pre game, and reduced muscle stiffness and faster recovery post game